The press fit jewelry is frequently referred to as threadless jewelry, push-fit jewelry, push pop jewelry, and studded labret ornaments. These threadless labrets are perfect for cartilage, cheek, lip, and nose piercings. Push-in studs do feature thin posts with a bend at the end connecting them to the top. Depending on the location of the piercing, these labrets come in a variety of lengths. Do you also want to see a push for body jewelry? If yes! You’ve come to the right place.

The first step in your quest to wear Push body jewelry is piercing. Before inserting a Push in Platinum Body Jewelry, the piercer decides the proper length and diameter for your ear anatomy and recovery time. If you want to promote 14k Gold Body Jewelry in the near future, read the entire post!

Press-fit Body Jewelry – What Is It?

Press-fit body jewelry, also known as threadless jewelry, is a type of body piercing jewelry that is held in place without the use of traditional threads or screws. Instead, the jewelry features a small, precision-made metal ball that is pressed into a corresponding notch in the jewelry piece. This design allows for easy insertion and removal of the jewelry and eliminates the need for twisting or turning to secure it in place. Some popular types of press fit jewelry include labret studs, nose studs, and hoop earrings.

Perks of Using Push-in Jewelry

  • Push-in body jewelry allows you a quick and easy technique for inserting and removing it. 
  • Push-in body jewelry is also incredibly safe to use with little adjustment and incorporates several threadless ends into a single labret base. 
  • Due to their smoothness, they are perfect for small, delicate piercings kinds.

How to Determine the Right Size

When choosing push in jewelry, it is important to have the proper size. Choosing the proper size reduces the agony and anguish associated with body piercing wholesale jewelry. Similarly to this, buying a size that is excessively small could not fit the piercing, while buying a size that is simply too large might be uncomfortable or just won’t fit. Regardless of gauge, the majority of pushing in places and ends may be applied to any general push in place. Additionally, since 18-gauge needles are typically used to pierce earlobes, the push-in post must be the same thickness.

Ear cartilage piercings usually call for thicker 14k Gold Body Jewelry to give you peace of mind in healing. Jewelry with 16-gauge posts is often the best size for such piercings. Straight pushing pin posts are typically advantageous for piercings in the forward helical, outer helix, tragus, and conch.

On the other hand, curved push pins are the best option for rook piercings. In most cases, the lips are penetrated with a 14-gauge strong post. The majority of nose piercings utilize a straight 18-gauge pin, and most brow piercings use a curved 16-gauge post. These are easy to install or remove and are ideally suited for the site.

How to Put in and Take Out a Pushpin

Whether you have a piercing in your lip, cheek, cartilage, or Teeth jewelry, insert the labret post there. Once the labret base is in place, insert the push-in jewelleries halfway into the hole and gently bend the pushpin top downward. Bending is necessary to keep the jewelleries secure, so do it carefully and modify the posture as needed. After bending to check the fit, fully insert the push-in top into the labret hole. Removal is an easy operation. Simply keep the bottom in position and twist the top out.


Pushpin stud earrings are very comfortable to wear because they do not pinch you like traditional butterfly back earrings and they make a magnificent ear party from all of the different styles.